Flo Chat – The Future Of Communication!!

Hello India,
We are Flo Chat – The future of communication!
To begin sharing our journey of Flo Chat with all of its daily shenanigans we would like to share two quotes that resonate with our idea, thought and creation process used in building this dynamic never done before in India product.

Ted Livingston, founder, and CEO of Kik: Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new internet.
Clyde Desouza -Technology is not evolving anymore, technology is evolution.

In a simple sentence, we at Flo chat have attempted to build a messenger with a mission of it becoming your new virtual best friend.

One that has literally everything within it – ranging from your everyday wants and needs, your favourite apps and websites as well as a fairly funny but extremely wise chat bot Floda! (training him to up the humor game everyday.)
Now you can chat with your family & friends, book tickets, order online, book cabs, book flights, ask Floda for whatever help you require, share all of this information all in one space.
Yes , I know it might sound like another bot chat platform, but the difference here is that we have kept intact the concept of sending messages just like we do everyday and added AI as one more feature to our messenger.

Keeping evolution as a key in our minds and after about 4000 mistakes in the past two years, we built a multi-functional chat platform/playground which we hope will simplify your most common daily habit – Chatting.

Flo embeds leading service & content providers across verticals & delivers a seamless personalized discovery, share & transact experience to its users without ever breaking the flow of conversations.

The next blog will explain more about this new hybrid messenger that has been created and subsequently what and where we intend to take this journey.

For now, we have our first version out on the play store and the app store.  We look forward to feedback and suggestions for us to continuously improve ourselves and build the most fluid, accessible chat platform for you.

Till then #gowiththeflo  XOXO