With our new hero feature Teleport in our chat app, the number of users started increasing by the minute. The calls and emails started pouring in and I asked Flonicorn if she could come sooner to help me and my friends. We did not want to hire new people just yet because we were managing just fine for the moment. An extra pair of hands would be helpful though and I would love for Flonicorn to be a part of this adventure with me.

She said she would try her best and let me know at the earliest. So for now, it was back to teleporting and testing all the features on Flochat.

Our users started giving us excellent feedback and we started working over 15 hours a day to perfect what we had created. Teleport selfies started flying all over the place and before we knew it, we were trending. This was extremely exciting for all of us – to have built something that people loved using. We decided to leave no stone unturned and started working on a marketing plan.

My new friend Rohan was a super friendly guy and he suggested that we should go show our product to kids in colleges. I told him that they might get a bit alarmed if they see me and would have plenty of questions about that, so he should go by himself. He agreed but said he would work out a plan to make sure that would not be an issue. If he and the other people in my new apartment building were okay with who I was and where I was from, he didn’t see why it should be a problem with anyone else.

So Rohan took Tasha along with him and they marked out 15 colleges that they must go speak to first. There were a variety of college festivals coming up so they came back with all the details and we had to choose 5 of them to start off with and also work out where would get money from to create the stalls and the merchandise for the others.

We decided to first narrow down on the festivals we would like to be a part of and then worry about the money. Everything had been going so smoothly so far – we didn’t see why this would be a problem. Keeping our confidence levels at an all time high, we brainstormed and narrowed down on the colleges based on the primary target audience we wanted to reach out to.

We were done with this process in a few days and then we started looking for people who would help us with funding our marketing plan. Tasha thought it was an excellent idea to start early because we would need more money to develop our technology further pretty soon. There were some great ideas she had about our video calling feature but we couldn’t implement them right now because of our limited resources.

Off we went diving deep into the vast landscape of investors and funding. It was not as easy as we imagined it to be. But we stayed strong and learnt a lot along the way.

More on that when I see you next time.

Until then, #maytheforcebewithyou  (yes, we watch star wars on Saturn too. That is from where my parents got inspired to name me Floda, in case you didn’t get that as yet 😛

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