With the initial phase of our marketing plan in place, we decided to contact a few investors and show them what our teleport feature was exactly, as well as the rest of our chat app.

Tasha knew a few people who she had spoken to about Flochat earlier and they had said they were interested in investing then. She reached out to them and set up a few meetings for the following week. She also informed them about me and how they might be a bit taken aback at first, but assured them that I was completely harmless and had created this app from scratch.

We spent the weekend testing everything thoroughly and were also lucky enough to have a plethora of new users and very helpful feedback.

Monday morning and we dressed our best for our first investor meeting. It was interesting to say the least.

As we entered the office, I attracted the most attention with my unique alien looks. Everyone was clearly very fascinated with me and I don’t blame them – I was equally fascinated with their looks, ways and habits. After we all got to know each other a little bit more, we started with the presentation.

There were 4 of them who listened very intently as we showed them what we had built and gave them a demo as well. The first reaction looked extremely positive and before they could start speaking, I thought we had this in the bag. I even thought about how excite and proud Flonicorn would be when I told her about my new exciting adventure on earth.

Alas! It was nothing close to all of my daydreaming. They offered us coffee which I must admit was very tasty and the main guy started circling the room asking a variety of questions. They weren’t too bad and mostly very helpful actually. Then he started pointing out all the reasons this might not work. It was very hurtful when he started, but I guess someone has to play devil’s advocate. Tasha was jotting down all the feedback and we absolutely intended to tweak and improve what we agreed on.

Rohan was very friendly but with that came a lot of emotion so he walked out of the room a few times to compose himself every time he started getting defensive. He was very passionate and positive about his marketing plan and didn’t take it very well when questions were thrown at him. Well, it was a first time for all of us so at least we learnt how to go about meetings like this.

We left with a few more contacts from this particular investor, which I thought was rather nice of him. He asked us to send him some data but also said that more tech related people might be more interested in a chat app. He did congratulate us again on being the first in the world to come up with new technology like Teleport and that was great to hear after the mini grilling session.

All in all, it was definitely an interesting Monday like I said earlier.

It brought us a bit down but also geared us up to prepare better for the next meeting which was coming up soon enough.

At least, they accepted me at my alien best and treated my team and me extremely well. So we chose to harness on the positives and march forward with our brilliant product.

Speak soon, with updates on our next try at an investor meeting.

Practice does make one perfect and that is exactly what we intend on doing.

Happy weekend folks 🙂


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