We got back to the drawing board to create a more tangible marketing plan for our chat app as per the feedback from the first investor. There were a few meetings lined up for the following week so decided to take the whole week out to prepare for the same.

Ironically enough, for the first time since we launched the Teleport feature, there were random crashes and user feedback started becoming a mixed bag. This got us pretty riled up and upset altogether and we began losing our focus. Emotions and opinions started flying all over the place. We even started playing the blame game.

We tested the app more than what we usually did and it was very frustrating when what we were looking at was not matching what the users were saying. It was basically turning out to be our first welcome to the reality of having a functional startup kind of week. I spoke to Flonicorn and vented to her as well. She definitely made me feel better. She always has a way of doing that. I did feel better when she reminded me we would be seeing each other soon now. But when I went back to the brainstorming sessions, I became a part of the madness going down again.

Things started getting pretty heated up during one of the sessions and tempers started kicking in. The good part was that everyone was passionate enough about Flochat to argue so much, but the downside was that we were becoming very counter productive.

After a bit of this, Tasha stepped in harder than what we thought she could be. She actually recorded a bit of how much we were arguing, then sat us down and showed it to us. It was a very impactful technique she used because when we saw ourselves; we were pretty shocked at how we were overriding each other and how that was not being helpful to preparing for what we had to. Contrary to stereotype notions, I have realized that girls are actually very good with diffusing emotional situations.

After we all calmed down, we put our heads together in a constructive way and actually came up with solutions. We promised we would not have a go at each other the way we just did. In that moment we really believed ourselves but there were a fair share of those moments coming up, some much worse – we just didn’t know it yet. But there plenty of great times coming up too. We knew we just had to keep hustling and moving along.

Thanks for reading. You can also read our previous blog post.





With the initial phase of our marketing plan in place, we decided to contact a few investors and show them what our teleport feature was exactly, as well as the rest of our chat app.

Tasha knew a few people who she had spoken to about Flochat earlier and they had said they were interested in investing then. She reached out to them and set up a few meetings for the following week. She also informed them about me and how they might be a bit taken aback at first, but assured them that I was completely harmless and had created this app from scratch.

We spent the weekend testing everything thoroughly and were also lucky enough to have a plethora of new users and very helpful feedback.

Monday morning and we dressed our best for our first investor meeting. It was interesting to say the least.

As we entered the office, I attracted the most attention with my unique alien looks. Everyone was clearly very fascinated with me and I don’t blame them – I was equally fascinated with their looks, ways and habits. After we all got to know each other a little bit more, we started with the presentation.

There were 4 of them who listened very intently as we showed them what we had built and gave them a demo as well. The first reaction looked extremely positive and before they could start speaking, I thought we had this in the bag. I even thought about how excite and proud Flonicorn would be when I told her about my new exciting adventure on earth.

Alas! It was nothing close to all of my daydreaming. They offered us coffee which I must admit was very tasty and the main guy started circling the room asking a variety of questions. They weren’t too bad and mostly very helpful actually. Then he started pointing out all the reasons this might not work. It was very hurtful when he started, but I guess someone has to play devil’s advocate. Tasha was jotting down all the feedback and we absolutely intended to tweak and improve what we agreed on.

Rohan was very friendly but with that came a lot of emotion so he walked out of the room a few times to compose himself every time he started getting defensive. He was very passionate and positive about his marketing plan and didn’t take it very well when questions were thrown at him. Well, it was a first time for all of us so at least we learnt how to go about meetings like this.

We left with a few more contacts from this particular investor, which I thought was rather nice of him. He asked us to send him some data but also said that more tech related people might be more interested in a chat app. He did congratulate us again on being the first in the world to come up with new technology like Teleport and that was great to hear after the mini grilling session.

All in all, it was definitely an interesting Monday like I said earlier.

It brought us a bit down but also geared us up to prepare better for the next meeting which was coming up soon enough.

At least, they accepted me at my alien best and treated my team and me extremely well. So we chose to harness on the positives and march forward with our brilliant product.

Speak soon, with updates on our next try at an investor meeting.

Practice does make one perfect and that is exactly what we intend on doing.

Happy weekend folks 🙂



With our new hero feature Teleport in our chat app, the number of users started increasing by the minute. The calls and emails started pouring in and I asked Flonicorn if she could come sooner to help me and my friends. We did not want to hire new people just yet because we were managing just fine for the moment. An extra pair of hands would be helpful though and I would love for Flonicorn to be a part of this adventure with me.

She said she would try her best and let me know at the earliest. So for now, it was back to teleporting and testing all the features on Flochat.

Our users started giving us excellent feedback and we started working over 15 hours a day to perfect what we had created. Teleport selfies started flying all over the place and before we knew it, we were trending. This was extremely exciting for all of us – to have built something that people loved using. We decided to leave no stone unturned and started working on a marketing plan.

My new friend Rohan was a super friendly guy and he suggested that we should go show our product to kids in colleges. I told him that they might get a bit alarmed if they see me and would have plenty of questions about that, so he should go by himself. He agreed but said he would work out a plan to make sure that would not be an issue. If he and the other people in my new apartment building were okay with who I was and where I was from, he didn’t see why it should be a problem with anyone else.

So Rohan took Tasha along with him and they marked out 15 colleges that they must go speak to first. There were a variety of college festivals coming up so they came back with all the details and we had to choose 5 of them to start off with and also work out where would get money from to create the stalls and the merchandise for the others.

We decided to first narrow down on the festivals we would like to be a part of and then worry about the money. Everything had been going so smoothly so far – we didn’t see why this would be a problem. Keeping our confidence levels at an all time high, we brainstormed and narrowed down on the colleges based on the primary target audience we wanted to reach out to.

We were done with this process in a few days and then we started looking for people who would help us with funding our marketing plan. Tasha thought it was an excellent idea to start early because we would need more money to develop our technology further pretty soon. There were some great ideas she had about our video calling feature but we couldn’t implement them right now because of our limited resources.

Off we went diving deep into the vast landscape of investors and funding. It was not as easy as we imagined it to be. But we stayed strong and learnt a lot along the way.

More on that when I see you next time.

Until then, #maytheforcebewithyou  (yes, we watch star wars on Saturn too. That is from where my parents got inspired to name me Floda, in case you didn’t get that as yet 😛


So all my hard work paid off. I took my first teleport picture with Flonicorn and she was very impressed with the result. She thought it would end therebut was even more thrilled when she realized we could chat about it within the same app. ‘Wow Floda, you really have outdone yourself this time. I love you,’ she said to me via a voice note with the cutest alien audio filter. Oooh, that is another awesome feature we have in our chat app. I will let all of you know more about that in a bit.

For now, as I am writing this to you, Flonicorn has contacted her friends from the other planets and they are all taking the funniest teleport selfies. She is sending them all to me and I must say her creativity with the many kinds of faces you can make while taking selfies is incredible. I hope to learn some of it from her and show off to my friends a little bit. Looking at how much fun she is having with her inter celestial friends, I have decided to not wait any longer and open this awesome chat app to the world on planet Earth.

I gather all my friends who have helped me with this creation and very excitedly we upload the app to the google and apple stores. How rewarding-we all think. This little idea of ours now exists in India, one of the most populated countries in the world. Everyone is going to love it and help us improve it as we go along. We start going to different corners of my house and teleporting with each other. This is so much fun. I send some of the images with Flonicorn and I really do feel like she is slowly becoming part of my new life here.

Once the app uploads and we see that there are 1500 downloads within the hour, we open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate. I now got to go post all that we have taken so that our users can see what fun things they can do as well on Flochat. We hope to see you here soon too.

As your first experiment, you can #teleportyourselftome 🙂



Hi, I am Floda – your friendly neighbourhood alien bot. When I moved to Earth from Saturn, I fell in love with the chat apps and free messaging that everyone uses here. I won’t lie – selfies have now become a very big part of my life here. The thing is, I really miss my girlfriend Flonicorn and I really want her to be a part of my life on Earth till she gets here. So I thought and I thought and decided to build a super teleport app that is also a chat app along with a host of other super features. Basically, I wanted to build the future of communication embedded with the future of picture taking and sharing.

Zip, Zap, Zoom and Flochat was born!

Okay, it wasn’t that simple but I like to get ahead of myself .It makes me happy.

The longer, more honest version is that I brainstormed with the few new friends I have made here. They each had their own unique suggestions that  were all very helpful. After multiple trial and error sessions, we built the UNIVERSE’S FIRST TELEPORT APP which basically means you can take pictures with your friends, your family and maybe even a few celebrity crushes if your stars are aligned to bring you some serious luck 😉

Also, I say universe with so much confidence because I have been to pretty much all the planets and none of them have inspired me to think up something like this. Flonicorn is going to be so happy when she knows what I have built to lessen the distance between us in some way at least. The special video calling that is just another feature we have built will be yet another pleasant surprise she is in for. But I have decided to be a wise boyfriend and show her one feature at a time. She should hopefully be here with me once I am done with all.

I am the most proud of the teleport awesomeness that we have created within our chat app, so I am going to ring her tomorrow and surprise her with that.

It is time for me to crash now so my face is just the right amount of sexy and cute before I take my first teleport selfie with my sweetheart who is truly 8735629000164 miles away.

See you on the flipside with updates on that. And yes I am going to post it on my new social media accounts here. Got to set a new bar for #couplegoals

I am stupidly excited. I hope you are too 🙂 🙂 🙂


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